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Sian Berry backs Crystal Palace community

Sian Berry, our candidate for Mayor of London and top candidate for the London Assembly elections in May 2016, came to visit Crystal Palace yesterday. She pledged support from City Hall and an end to top-down meddling for community groups with vision, energy and plans for Crystal Palace Park, the National Sports Centre, Upper Norwood Library, a neighbourhood forum, the Central Hill Estate, and the Crystal Palace Transition Town’s transport group. Continue reading Sian Berry backs Crystal Palace community

Shelve the Crystal Palace ‘rebuild’ plans

On Sunday 1st February the exclusivity agreement between Bromley Council and the ZhongRong Group will come to an end, sixteen months after it was signed, with no public indication of a deal to date from either party. We are calling on Bromley Council and the GLA to end talks with the ZhongRong Group and shelve plans to build a major commercial facility on Crystal Palace Park. Continue reading Shelve the Crystal Palace ‘rebuild’ plans

Solar independence for Crystal Palace

Happy Solar Independence Day! If we had any sizeable solar power farms in the area you’d be able to visit them today as part of a national open day organised by the Solar Trade Association.

But Crystal Palace, like most of London, isn’t making the most of the sun while it shines. Residents spend about £15 million on electricity every year in Crystal Palace, not to mention all our local businesses. Bills are rising, making life tough for both, and this money is flowing down the hill into the pockets of shareholders for the Big Six energy companies. What if we generated more energy up on this hill and kept the money circulating in our economy? Continue reading Solar independence for Crystal Palace

Paying for Crystal Palace Park

While we were waiting for the consultation on the £2.4 million to improve the park (which has now been announced), we have been looking at Bromley Council’s budgets, and obtained some detail on the finances of Crystal Palace Park using a Freedom of Information request. Funding for the park’s maintenance and improvement is one part of the puzzle when we look at the ZhongRong Group’s proposal to build a commercial development on the hill top, because one of their sweeteners is a promise to put a significant amount of money into revamping the rest of the park.

So what have the park’s finances looked like in recent years? Continue reading Paying for Crystal Palace Park