Pete comes within 36 votes of winning Gipsy Hill

Pete Elliot, the Green Party candidate in the Gipsy Hill by-election, increased our vote share by an incredible 32% and came within a cat’s whisker of giving us a second Green councillor on Lambeth council.Pete stood on a platform to:

  • Protect council funding for Upper Norwood Library. Pete was one of the people who occupied the Carnegie Library to protest plans for cuts and closures.
  • Save the Central Hill Estate from demolition, and help the residents develop their own plans to refurbish their homes and build new homes in and around the estate.
  • Listen to local people, giving us a voice on Lambeth Council which has become a one-party state deaf to local concerns.

Here is the full breakdown of the vote:


It was a record-breaking result for us, which saw the Green vote increase by 32.2% and Labour’s decline by 26.6%.

This was Labour’s safest council seat in Lambeth.  The Green Party missed out on winning the seat by 36 votes.

Pete Elliott, the Green Party’s candidate in Gipsy Hill said: “A huge thank you to everyone who voted. This was a record result and shows how more and more people are backing the Green’s distinctive vision.  We believe that decisions should be made to enhance everyone’s social and environmental wellbeing, and that local people should be listened to and their plans supported.  They should not be treated as numbers on a spreadsheet.

“Lambeth Labour have been left under no illusions that local people oppose their plans to close libraries and bulldoze estates.  They should think long and hard about the course that they are on.  They should back local people, and the plans they have put forward to save their homes and libraries.  If they do not, local people will make their feelings known at the local elections in two years time.”