Ding, dong, Zhongrong’s gone

We’re delighted to say that the plans from the ZhongRong Group to build a huge hotel and conference centre on our park seem to be completely dead. We’re now calling for Bromley and the GLA to move on from this debacle, and focus on implementing the masterplan.

After the 16 month exclusivity agreement expired earlier this month, Bromley Council gave the ZhongRong Group a deadline to put forward a £5m deposit and detailed proposals for the Crystal Palace Park.

That was last Friday, and the date has passed without any indication of the conditions being met.

Tom Chance, the Green Party’s candidate for Lewisham West and Penge (which the park sits in), said:

“Park users will be delighted to hear that this deal has finally fallen through. The GLA and council now need to get back to working with the local community to implement the masterplan, which recognises that the park is a green lung for the local community, an important sports venue for London and the south east, and an internationally important heritage site, not a building site.

“I also think the Mayor owes Crystal Palace an apology for keeping community groups out of the park for sixteen months, and losing £4.5 million in lottery funding, while entertaining this implausible proposal.”

Here is a picture of the masterplan’s vision for the Palace Terrace, on the hill top, with “a space sheltered by trees… providing an outline of the Palace” and “a new Crystal Palace Museum” linked with a reopened subway:


Further down, the Italian Terraces would be spruced up with “two new greenhouses” and “sunken gardens”:


Let’s get back to this vision – of a financially viable park, not a building site for any chancer who fancies building a multiplex cinema or hotel and conference centre.

Next week we will be launching our General Election campaign for Crystal Palace with the three candidates covering the area. Saving the park from any more damaging developers will be one of our ten pledges to constituents in Lewisham West & Penge, Croydon North, and Dulwich & West Norwood.