Have your say on the future of the National Sports Centre

The GLA, which owns a long lease on the National Sports Centre, has issued a new consultation on its future.  One of our London Assembly Members has welcomed the consultation, but written to the Mayor asking for the residents to be given more information about the plans.

You can read about the consultation, find dates for local meetings and respond online on the GLA web site.

The proposals would see some big changes to Crystal Palace Park:

  • Demolishing the stadium around the athletics track
  • Building a new primary school in the place of the West Stand
  • Removing the raised walkway between the athletics facilities and the sports centre
  • Changing the set-up of the NSC so it effectively becomes a leisure centre, rather than a sports centre of national or regional importance

These ideas follow an “options appraisal”, which the GLA commissioned over the summer. They haven’t published this, so we can’t see the financial assumptions that explain why they want to pursue these ideas. Some, like removing the walkway, are part of the agreed Masterplan for the park, but others, like building a primary school on the park, are completely new.

Darren Johnson, a Green Party Member of the London Assembly, has written to the Mayor welcoming this consultation, but setting out some concerns. He has asked for:

  • more details on the options appraisal
  • an option without the primary school
  • info on the implications of downgrading the athletics facilities so dramatically
  • more consideration on access for cycling

You can read his full letter here (PDF).

Photo credit: the ever-wonderful James Balston.